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Metrics for e-Commerce Success

Analyse your actions and optimise your performance with advanced analysis tools

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"With Actinic’s analytics tools we are able to quickly measure our sales performance and take action if necessary." Ballkit
Statistics and Analysis - follow your Ecommerce website metrics

Keep track of your sales

Monitor closely the profitability of your actions by analysing your results daily, weekly, once a month or by the period of your choosing:
  • unique visits

  • number of orders

  • order sources

  • repeat purchases

  • payment methods used
  • conversion rate

  • turnover

  • customer reviews

  • email and SMS campaigns
  • Optimise Your Conversion Rate

    Keep an eye on the 6 steps of your conversion funnel: shopping cart, order form, shipping options, payment methods, confirmation, thank you.

    Identify which step needs to be improved in the blink of an eye and increase your conversion rate. For example: are you loosing the majority of your prospects when it comes time to choose a shipping option? Think about offering more options to meet your customers' needs.
    Actinic metrics - conversion funnel
    Actinic metrics - items

    Make your catalogue more
    attractive with bestselling items

    Identify how well all of your products are doing (which ones are viewed the most frequently, most frequently added to cart, bestsellers…)

    Optimise your profitability and your expenditure by focusing on your top products (with email campaigns, paid ads) and manage your time effectively by prioritising your actions (improving product descriptions, SEO etc.)

    Identify the profitability
    of your traffic sources

    Over a given period, look at your turnover and the percentage of sales generated per traffic source: website, mobile, Facebook, price comparison sites, marketplaces etc.

    Make quick and informed decisions regarding your ROI for each source.
    Actinic metrics - repeat buisness
    Google Analytics tools

    Take advantage of
    the power of Google

    Complete your analyses with Google Analytics. Apply any kind of tracking (AdWords, Analytics, re-marketing, etc.) to your entire site in just one step.