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Boost your revenue with your own app

Whether you are a logistician, software publisher, freelancer, or marketing services provider, you can connect easily with Actinic (by Oxatis) merchants. Use our market-leading eCommerce solution to effortlessly increase your revenue.

eCommerce Development Partners
eCommerce Development Partners UK


Choosing your preferred protocol

For greater flexibility, the Actinic (Oxatis) solution offers you the choice of 3 development protocols: SOAP, REST and SDK. Use the method of your choice from the highest-quality platforms, based on your level of knowledge and the needs of your customers.


A perfectly documented tool

By becoming an Oxatis Development Partner, you will receive comprehensive documentation of our eCommerce solution. This way, you can implement developments rapidly and try them out through a dedicated test site. You will also have access to our Webservices dashboard.

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eCommerce Development Partners in the UK


A single dedicated contact for all your enquiries

From the outset, you are put in touch with a dedicated representative, who is able to answer questions throughout your project. This frees up time for you to respond to your customers' needs. Personalised technical support is available every day between 9 am and 5 pm.


Regular updates

Thanks to SaaS, the Oxatis platform is upgraded regularly so that all customers can benefit from our innovative eCommerce features. Each upgrade includes backward compatibility with all prior developments, so versioning is no longer an issue.

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