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Sell More with an efficient Product Catalogue

Manage your products easily and guide your visitors to the checkout


"A solution that's easy to use, comprehensive and allows us to manage and update our site independently." Commençal
Unlimited product options

Unlimited product options

Organise your catalogue efficiently by assigning characteristics to your products (size, colour, material, product code, price, image, availability, weight, etc.)

You also have the option of offering personalised products to your customers by inserting a text zone they can fill in.

Simple and effective navigation

Products are easily accessible from your home page with up to 5 simultaneous search options. For example: colour, size, material, price, use.

Faceted search takes product searches to the next level. Your visitors have instant access to the items that interest them.
Faceted Search
Faceted product search
Images that sell for your ecommerce website

Images That Sell

Benefit from powerful functionality and highlight your products with quality images.

Load one image and it will automatically be duplicated in several sizes (thumbnail, main and zoom) to enable visitors to see your products from all angles and in detail before making a purchase.

Cross-Selling and upselling

Systematically offer your customers complementary or higher end products to help them find the items they need.

Give your customers advice and highlight the benefits of your products and you'll increase your average shopping cart significantly!
Offer cross-selling on your website
Private sales

Member-only Flash Sales

Increase your turnover by offering your customers exclusive deals and advantages for a limited time.

Keep your site updated and attractive by creating specific events and destocking products from the previous season.

This promotion strategy will lead to success and rapid growth.

Take your e-Business abroad

Develop your business around the world with a multilingual and multi-currency site. Your visitors will land directly on the version of your homepage that corresponds with their browser language.

For total flexibility, pricing can be independent while stock remains synchronised. All steps involved in the customer experience: emails, international payment methods, shipping fees calculator etc. adapt to your visitor's language.
An international ecommerce website
Simplified product management with dataplug

Simplified Product Management

Manage your product catalogue quickly and efficiently with a user-friendly back office and take advantage of several ways to update your products.
Add or modify a product's characteristics directly from your back office.

Create or modify a batch of products simultaneously from your back office or an Excel spreadsheet.

Import products from an Excel spreadsheet with our specially adapted Actinic DataPlug.

Synchronise your external software in real time with the Actinic DataPlug: products, images, price, stock...
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