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Create a B2B Online Shop

Benefit from specialised B2B tools and sell efficiently online.

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"We feel that we can really rely on Actinic, which is very reassuring!."" Faye wholesale
Actinic B2B Advanced

Pack B2B Advanced : customised rates and discount management

Enjoy unique B2B features. Add a level of sophistication to your multi-rate management by activating up to 10 pricing levels instead of 5, which will better enable you to apply article and client targeted pricing and discounts (preferential rates).

An ideal functional innovation designed to synchronise your e-Commerce site with your management software, leading to considerable gains in productivity !
SME Pricing

Separate catalogue and pricing

Offer a specific catalogue to each category of customers from a single, centralised back office!

You decide which items will be visible to different targets. You can also offer prices adapted to categories of customers (resellers, individuals, etc.) with multi-price management. When visitors to your site sign in they will only see the catalogue that corresponds with their profile.
Actinic B2B - pricing
Actinic B2B Packaging

Appropriate Packaging

Adopt a marketing strategy consistent with your target market. Package goods in batches (2 items, 5 items, 10 items etc.) rather than selling them individually to meet your B2B customers' needs.

Sliding Scale Fees

Make shopping on your site easier by offering sliding scale fees depending on the total spent or the total number of items purchased. Better yet, reward discounts according to categories of customers for 100% targeted results.
Actinic B2B Ecommerce -Sliding Scale Fees
Actinic B2B  - payment and shipping

Incentivise payment
methods and shipping options

Adapt your transaction methods to B2B marketing practices: allow payment by cheque, payment in instalments, add the amount spent to the customer account and charge them at the end of the month, reduced rates for large volumes of packages, etc.

Dedicated domain
name and navigation

You can choose to offer your B2B customers direct access to your catalogue with a dedicated domain name (ex: Strengthen your BtoB environment with a specific design and homepage.
Actinic B2B ecommerce catalogue