Download the Sage 200 User Guide


Integrate your online Actinic site to your Sage 200.

With the Actinic link for Sage, you can take advantage of a powerful online solution, and totally integrated to the Sage 200.


The data from Actinic is synchronised to Sage 200 in real time.
- Associate your Sage 200 data to your Actinic site through a simple correspondence table. You will then have at your disposal a unique source for all your data (images, items, categories...).
- Take profit of a parametrisable system to automate and plan the tasks adapted to your real activity cycle.

The Actinic/Sage link handles your big data volume to go with your growth and make you earn time on the daily site management.

Sage Introduction

Sage is the leader in Europe in software accounting (900 000 business in France, Spain and England).

Prerequisite for Sage :

- Installation of Sage 200 software.
- Activation of SDO (Sage Data Objects) for Sage .

1) Buy the Link for Sage 200

To install the Actinic link for Sage 200, contact your Actinic e-Commerce expert : 0845 129 4800.
Order the Sage 200

2) Download Actinic Dataplug to link Sage 200

The setup requires Windows system.
Size : 32 MB

Download Actinic Dataplug

3) Documentation download

The documentation requires a PDF reader.
Size : 5 MB

Download the Actinic / Sage 200 documentation.

4) Download the Sage 200 connector

You need Windows to install the connector.
Size: 9 Mo
It is strongly advised to check your software's version before installing the connector.

This connector is for Sage 200.

Available soon

5) Training and Support

Actinic proposes training in your office, or online to support you during the Sage link implementation.
Our Sage certified partnership network propose their services to implement serenely the synchronisation between Sage 200 and your Actinic Site.

Subjects are varied: Advice about items organisation, updates operating, suggestions for items images, implementation of facet navigation etc...

Contact us to book your training session with an Actinic expert.

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