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LThe customers reviews service is based on requests sent by email to the shopper asking them to review the site and/or the item(s).
The customers feedback can be automatically published or subject to moderation.

This functionality improves:
  • Your website SEO because it gives textual content and updates. The marking gets back by Google and displays in the search engine results. (see last paragraph)

  • The conversion rate because it reassures customers and increases confidence.

  • The customer relation (loyalty) because it is based on “true” reviews.

The functionality activation can be enabled from the menu [Marketing \ Customers Reviews].

IMPORTANT: The activation triggers this functionality. After 10 orders per month, an automatic monthly invoice of £20 (VAT excluded) will automatically triggered for the reviews. There is no limit to the order number. 3 moderations are included in the monthly subscription.
After the first 3 free moderations, there will be a group of 3 moderations charged at £35 (VAT excluded).

 General Tab

This window allows to set up the functionality.

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  • Trigger date: allows to choose a referral date for sending the request: the order date or the invoice date.

  • Minimum amount order (VAT included): only orders surpassing this amount will be taken in account by the review process.

  • Delay Before Request: This property specifies the request review dispatch number of day after the order or after the invoice creation (maximum 60 days).
    We recommend 5 days minimum to be sure that the customer has received their order.

  • Items number: This allows you to choose a maximum number of item reviews displayed in the customer review form.


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  • Notification: you can choose a specific email address to receive new review notification. If you do not enter an email, you will receive notifications on the email given in the owner properties.

  • Publication Method: It is possible to choose a publication method : immediate (automatic) or deferred (after validation from your side).

WARNING: if you use the deferred method, you will have 72 hours to ask moderation.
Otherwise the testimony will be published.

 Complementary Tab

This Tab allows to set up the view of informations present on the site:

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 Logo Tab

It allows to display an image representing your business.
We recommend an image of 190px width X 80px height. The logo will display at the top of the form, in the email for the review request and on the certification page on the site.

 Quick view

The “Preview” button, allows to view the display on the Shopping satisfaction site.

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 View on the search engine

Reviews are integrated in the items page source code by the micro-data. To have an idea of the display when searching on Google, we recommend to use the following link and to enter an item URL.

Structured Data Testing Tool

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