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e-Commerce SEO: Rank in the Top Google Results

Maximise your visibility and traffic with an e-Commerce solution optimised for search engines

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"24% of our orders are made through Amazon alone, and another 5% on the mobile version of our site."Clickongroup
Actinic ecommerce website SEO

E-commerce SEO

Benefit from an e-Commerce solution designed for SEO. Your site will automatically generate elements Google takes into account for their indexing:
  • Canonical URLs for product pages

  • Title tags for catalogue pages

  • HTML tags for all of your webpages

  • Alternative text for your images

  • Sitemaps
  • Microdata
    and Rich Snippets

    Thanks to the microdata generated by the Actinic solution, consistent with, you'll be able to stand out in Google results with an enhanced display of your information and improve your click through rate.

    In addition to your title, description and web address, online shoppers will see your products' prices, stock levels and the star ratings they've received from customer reviews.
    Ecommerce SEO - Microdata and rich snippets
    Ecommerce SEO - SERP simulator

    A simulator for your search results

    The acronym SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page.

    Work from your back office on the length of your page descriptions and view them as they'll appear in Google results.

    Maximise your productivity by immediately and effectively improving your results.

    Instant sales with Google AdWords

    Thanks to Actinic, certified Google partner, you can take advantage of exceptional special offers, all year round, to launch your first Adwords campaign.

    Take advantage of one of the highest performing and best marketing tools in the world, to reach a specific and targeted audience, according to the key words you've chosen and start receiving orders immediately.
    Our AdWords services
    Google AdWords
    Ecommerce website  ROI analysis

    Analyse the ROI on your advertisement campaigns

    Track the orders generated by your adverts in real time and identify the return on investment for your campaigns (Google AdWords or others). Following your analysis only continue to use those adverts that proved to be the most profitable.

    Post your catalogue to
    Google shopping in one click

    Post your products on the most successful price comparison sites in the world and show up in top Google search results! With twice as many clicks as traditional text results, this will increase the quality of your traffic significantly.

    Your product flow, including your stock and prices, is automatically updated daily without any action required from you.
    Post on Google shopping in just  one click - Ecommerce
    Remarketing made simple

    Remarketing Made Simple

    With the integration of Google Shopping into the Actinic solution, trade abandoned shopping carts for sales!

    Information concerning your visitors is saved. This allows you to easily target online shoppers according to their interests and increases your chances of making sales.

    Experts at Your Service

    Benefit from our Google-certified SEO specialists to strengthen your presence on search engines and improve your ranking.

    With more than 650 SEO and SEM services per year, our optimisation team knows all of the best practices for increasing your visibility and drawing quality traffic to your ecommerce website.
    Our e-Commerce SEO Experts
    SEO Experts