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Actinic Services
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Site Design

Services : Chrome
£ 295.00
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Site Design
Free Call Back
Develop your brand identity with a custom site design.
Make a Good First Impression
Convey a professional image and reassure your visitors.
Delivery Time 20 Business Days Payment in 3 Instalments
Actinic will create a custom site design to boost your image:

Chrome Design
Delivery Time : 20 Business Days
The Chrome Design service is a quick, efficient and affordable way to help get your site up and running. This service is also ideal if you are looking to replicate an existing site design for your Actinic store. Our graphic studio will customise a SmartSkins design for your site, integrating your existing graphic elements. The Chrome Design service includes:
Custom SmartSkins design defining overall colour scheme and site background
Custom header integrating logo and any existing images
Custom menus and sub-menus to match your design
Integration of existing graphic elements

Silver Design
The Silver Design service will provide you with a unique site design to reflect your business. Ideal if you are struggling for time or can’t get your site looking how you want. The Actinic in-house graphic design studio will transform your store and help get you up and running. An account manager will liaise between you and the graphic designer. The Silver Design service includes:
A custom design
Integration of a logo and visual
Custom background
Integration of 3 custom buttons: Home, Contact, and Shopping Cart
Custom text and menu titles
Standard design of marketing blocks

Gold Design
The Gold Design Service provides a complete and unique site design together with optimising the shopping experience for your customers. The Gold Design Service includes:
Silver Design
Integration of search field into header
Creation of custom footer including reassurance elements (secure payment, contact, shipping, etc.)
Stylised marketing blocks
Stylised effects on buttons and images

Platinum Design
Gold Design
Silver Shopping Cart
Creation of 3 custom buttons in vertical menu
Optimisation of images in pop-up display
Custom footer zone
Place your order in the Actinic store.
After billing, you will receive a project brief through technical support.
Fill out the brief with your specifications and send back to technical support.
The graphic designer in charge of your project will evaluate the brief and if any clarification is needed, a dedicated project manager will contact you for more details.
A design mock-up will be sent through technical support for validation before integration (except for the Chrome Site Design. For this service go directly to step 8).
If you have any comments or changes to make, you can send them by replying to the technical support message at this time.
You will validate the final mock-up through technical support.
The graphic designer will integrate the design and notify you through technical support.
You can then activate your new design in 2 clicks whenever you want.
Satisfied Customers
Patrick - Cadeaux Latino
With the Design service, I was able to have a clean, attractive and effective site that matched exactly what I was looking for.
Rene - Joaillerie-Concept
I am very satisfied with my new graphic design. I had an idea to begin with which I quickly abandoned after a discussion with the graphic designer. I accepted his expert advice and I’m not sorry. The day after the design integration, I received a pretty large order. Ever since, visits and sales are growing steadily.
Why go through Actinic to customise my site?
Our graphic design studio has an extensive knowledge of the Actinic ecommerce platform, meaning your site will make the most of the platform’s functionality.
Why customise my site design?
There are two good reasons to have an attractive design that is custom-made for your brand. Firstly, it gives you a stronger identity, making you more easily recognisable for your visitors. Secondly, your site will have a more professional look, inspiring confidence and encouraging your customers to buy.
What are the differences between Chrome, Silver and Gold?
All three services offer the same level of quality with the quantity of elements customised varying from one service to the next. Also, the Chrome design is based off of a SmartSkins and the Silver and the Gold are designed in CSS, allowing for further customisation.
Additional Services
Services  Price   
Chrome  £ 295.00 Details Buy
Silver  £ 1,275.00 Details Buy
Gold  £ 2,195.00 Details Buy
Platinum  £ 3,745.00 Details Buy
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