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N°1 E-Commerce solution in Europe
Your ecommerce success

Actinic - the leading ecommerce
solution in Europe

"With Actinic's SaaS solution ecommerce is straightforward and hassle-free. Now I receive over 8,000 orders each month…" Philippe DAVID - ODC Distribution
Our Mission

Actinic offers you a UK ecommerce solution

that's rich in features, technically powerful and gives you constant support with quality service. Over 10,500 e-tailers from various different fields have chosen Actinic. Whatever your turnover may be (from £1,000 a month to £10,000,000 a year), you'll find that Actinic is the ideal business partner for your project:
  • An immediately operational SaaS solution
  • Exceptional graphic design
  • Evolving constantly to free you from the constraints of regularly changing versions
  • An incredible set of features
  • Expert help and support
  • 2001
    Actinic established
    Ecommerce experts
    Administrative languages
    million in client sales
    305 100
    support messages
    Over 37% of Actinic's clients left open source or propriety software solutions to migrate to Actinic and benefit from a complete and powerful SaaS based solution.

    They no longer have to spend thousands of pounds a year on changing versions, resolving technical problems or complicated and costly hosting.

    Actinic is the UK ecommerce solution of the future helping you achieve lasting success.

    Actinic by your side
    SaaS is a major technological development, it's a centralised solution accessible online, managed by experts and automatically updated every month.
    The advantages of s.a.a.s
    SaaS offers an immediate solution adapted to ecommerce needs:

  • Over a third of ecommerce sites experience technical problems during updates

  • Over 20% of sites' loading times slow down during sales periods

  • Over half of sites are forced to seek an IT specialist's help several times a year for technical interventions
  • The benefits of SaaS ecommerce:

  • You no longer have to change versions (save thousands of pounds a year)

  • You benefit automatically from regular innovation

  • You don't need to call on a technician for complicated technical developments

  • You benefit constantly from a comprehensive, simple and powerful solution

  • You don't have to worry about hosting, space, reliability or performance issues
  • SaaS's share of the market is increasing by 5% per year and will exceed 55% in 2015. Choosing a SaaS solution today is the guarantee of an immediately operational solution. You'll consistently be at the forefront of the best ecommerce practices and save thousands of pounds a year.
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