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Cloud Computing
Ecommerce Cloud Computing by Actinic
Cloud Computing is the best choice when starting up or developing an E-commerce business. At Actinic, we understand the advantages of a cloud-based infrastructure and have embraced this model with our flagship product, Actinic.
E-Commerce Cloud Computing
Facebook App
Sell on Facebook
Using the Actinic My Social Store App, you can be selling on Facebook in just a few clicks and it is included with your monthly subscription at no extra cost. Easily publish your catalogue to Facebook and make your products available to the millions of active Facebook users in the UK.
My Social Store App
Mobile Store
Optimise your ecommerce shop for mobile devices
With Mobile Store, customers can browse and purchase products through a mobile optimised version of your online store. Enable the mobile version of an Actinic store in just one click. Site visitors will automatically see the mobile optimised version of your product catalogue when visiting from a mobile device and there’s nothing for them to install.
Mobile Store
eBay MarketPlace Manager
Manage Your eBay Orders
For all e-tailers, eBay is a great opportunity to increase your sales coverage. And now with the eBay MarketPlace Manager it’s easy for you to manage your products and process orders from both eBay and your own website from one central location, saving precious time when promoting and running your business.
eBay MarketPlace Manager
Drive more traffic to your online store
Millions of shoppers in the UK use price comparison sites to search for compare and buy products online. Using Actinic SmartFeeds, you can increase traffic to your site by listing your products on price comparison sites. You manage the process directly from your Actinic admin console with full campaign tracking and statistics.
SmartFeeds, Price comparison listing tool
Customise Your Website with SmartSkins Templates
SmartSkins enable you to quickly and easily adjust your ecommerce website design to experiment with how you want your site to look. SmartSkins allow you to save precious time when fine-tuning your design. The tool provides powerful results thanks to the intelligent way elements adapt in relation to one another.
SmartSkins Website Design tool
Update Your Website with Actinic DataPlug
Use the DataPlug tool to update your website quickly and easily and upload product and customer data from your computer to your site securely. Export orders for accounting and shipping purposes. Automatically synchronise images from your PC with your site’s image gallery.
The Actinic DataPlug tool
Highlight your products
Without sales staff to showcase your products, the product pages on your ecommerce site must do the selling. Your product images need to attract and entice your site visitors as if they were seeing the product in store. The zoom feature allows customers to magnify images so they can see the product details. High quality images are essential.
Suggestive sales
Increase your average shopping cart
Increase your turnover and sales with Actinic's cross-selling. Make your site a best seller by offering complementary products, keeping your clients satisfied, and boosting your sales! Maximise your sales.