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N°1 E-Commerce solution in Europe

Ecommerce Services: Support & Training

Get the knowledge you need to manage your Ecommerce website
We benefitted from personal support, customised to our needs, right from the start of our collaboration with Actinic.
Guy ROUCHÉ – Piscine Discount
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Better support and training for greater success

Launch your site with complete peace of mind thanks to customised ecommerce services.

Whether it’s one-off assistance or a complete training program benefit from the Actinic
experts’ help to become a skilled and autonomous e-tailer!
They called on our experts to…
Learn at their own pace
The Company
Kennedy Wild Bird Foods sell a range of pet food
The Service
Video conferencing - a flexible, effective way to learn
The online training I had with the Actinic team was very beneficial.

It was adapted to my learning speed and availability and allowed me to set up my catalogue, product pages and learn how to manage orders efficiently."

Peter MCNISH - Birdfood
The Company
Elle La Fripouille specialises in
environmentally friendly anti-UV
bathing suits for infants and children
The Service
Delegate work – saved time with technical configurations
We sell products in over 10 different fields on marketplaces. We decided to grow our business for children’s clothing by opening a specified site.

To get started quickly we entrusted the Actinic experts to set up our site. They also created customised documents for daily management and updating of our catalogue (stock, prices, etc.). Thanks to this work we were able to launch our site and receive our first order in just 3 weeks!"

- Elly la Fripouille
Get bespoke training
The Company
Solinotes, perfume creator
The Service
On-site training for a custom program in your work environment
We were working on several projects at once and needed to launch our site and learn how to run it quickly.

An Actinic expert came to our office for a day of personalised training. From the basics to new features while giving lots of technical tips the expert covered all of the points we wanted to clearly and concisely.

Thanks to this training we were able to become completely autonomous in under a week while staying on top of all of our other business commitments."

Laurent COHEN - Solinotes
The Actinic team of experts is here to listen
Listen, teach and facilitate
…these are the ideas at the heart of Actinic’s philosophy.
A lot of users manage their site on their own right from the beginning. You can also entrust some of the work to our experts or follow individual training to get started on the right foot.
With 11 trainers and technicians, the Actinic team is available to help you get a handle on the features that will make your ecommerce website successful.

For bespoke ecommerce services

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