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Ecommerce Services: Support & Training

Get the knowledge you need to manage your Ecommerce website

Enhance your e-Commerce (ad)venture by taking advantage of our experts' advice!
Over 100 experts, at your service
Actinic's e-Commerce experts have been helping thousands of SMEs achieve online success for 14 years already. Whether you require punctual assistance or are interested in completing a training program, you can rely on Actinic's experts to accompany you in your journey towards becoming high-performance, autonomous e-Commerce entrepreneurs.
" The Actinic support team are fantastic. Always on hand for advice, best practices and checking in on us to see if we need anything, we couldn’t ask for more! " Austin Lee - Faye UK
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" The online training I had with the Actinic team was very beneficial.
It was adapted to my learning speed and availability and allowed me to set up my catalogue, product pages and learn how to manage orders efficiently."
Peter MCNISH - Birdfood
" We entrusted the Actinic experts to set up our site. They also created customised documents for daily management and updating of our catalogue (stock, prices, etc.). Thanks to this work we were able to launch our site and receive our first order in just 3 weeks! " Fabrice BENSOUSSAN - Elly La Fripouille
" An Actinic expert came to our office for a day of personalised training. From the basics to new features while giving lots of technical tips the expert covered all of the points we wanted to clearly and concisely." Laurent COHEN - Solinote
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