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N°1 E-Commerce solution in Europe

Ecommerce SEO For Your Website

Professional services for effective SEO
Our website is in the top Google results for important keywords thanks to the optimisation work of Actinic SEO experts
Linda NAYSMITH – The Stick & Cane Shop
To find out about all of the possibilities, contact us!
Get to the top of Google search results
More than 1.17 billion people use Google search each month (DMR) and 75% never scroll past the first page of search results (HubSpot). Gain visibility and traffic for your site with the proven expertise (over 615 services in 2013) of our Google-certified specialists in SEO and SEM.
SEO: Free Traffic
850 000 Results on the 1st
page of Google

The community of Actinic Ecommerce sites represents over 40 million visits per year coming from search engines and 850,000 results on the first page of Google.

Organic SEO is essential for creating the traffic you need to succeed. Well-structured, coded, tagged…your site will meet each of these specific requirements to make it to the top positions in search engine results.

Entrust the Actinic experts to optimise your site for even more powerful results and generate a maximum amount of free, qualified, enduring traffic.
After the Actinic experts’ optimisation of our site our organic traffic increased by 25%!"
Frédéric BONNAC – Graindecafé
AdWords: Immediate Visibility
3X  More Results

Benefit from the power of the largest advertising network in the world to increase your traffic and conversion rate!

Google AdWords is a fast way to bring qualified traffic to your site. AdWords campaigns are controllable, measurable and specifically targeted and offer powerful advertising possibilities.

For the same budget, a campaign managed by an Actinic expert generates three times as many results. Take advantage of our expertise and let us create, manage and optimise your campaigns for maximum conversion and return on investment.
By entrusting my campaigns to the Actinic team I decreased my cost-per-click and doubled my conversion rate in just three months!"
Eric SILICI – Sports Outdoor Shop
The Winning Combination
3X More Traffic *

SEO + AdWords=the winning combination

Take advantage of the power of Google!

From organic traffic and sponsored links using partner sites your visitors come from a variety of sources. With our experts’ help benefit from the best combination for your online marketing strategies and increase your sales.

Banners, Google Shopping, retargeting, videos, organic optimisation… create a media plan with Actinic’s SEO packs and cover all fronts with maximum efficacy.

*as witnessed on the site Dream Extension
We launched our site with AdWords campaigns and organic SEO. Within 5 months we’d tripled our overall traffic."
N.L manager of the site Dream Extension
Experts at your service
615+  SEO
 services a year

7 experts in SEO and SEM here to help you make your site visible online!

Benefit from our triply qualified team of experts: ecommerce specialists, Google-certified optimisers and experienced technicians on the Actinic solution.

With over 615 services rendered a year, our experts have gained significant experience helping sites succeed in over 21 competitive fields.

Entrust your campaigns to our SEO services for the development of a powerful strategy that will get your site to the top of search engine results.
The Actinic experts took care of creating our site content including choosing our keywords. We are now first place in search results for some of the most frequently searched terms in the market."
Chrystel MARIE – E-Liquide

Powerful Ecommerce SEO

Precise methodology for maximum results
Strategic Words
Your keywords are validated by our experts after studying your site, your competitors and potential traffic for optimal ROI.
Optimised Content
Your site undergoes a bespoke optimisation (content, copy, catalogue structure, internal links and keyword anchors, H tags, sitemaps etc.).
Back links
Your site will progressively be linked to partner sites in the same field. This linking will strengthen your site’s reputation and ranking.
Tracking and Analysis
Your progress is constantly monitored. During phone meetings we will explain the evolution of your site’s position in search results as well as the frequent interventions made by our experts.
To learn about all of the possibilities, contact us!