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Actinic Services
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Online Training Session

Services : Silver
£ 125.00
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Online Training Session
Gain the knowledge you need to get up and running and to maintain your online shop.
Get to know your admin console
Increase your performance with one-to-one coaching.
Book a personal training session with an Actinic specialist anytime between 09.00 and 17.30, Monday to Friday

Silver Online Training Session
Take advantage of a 60 minute one-to-one personal coaching session remotely via the internet and telephone. The goal of this session is to build your knowledge and increase your skills on the platform. This session can be structured to meet your needs, giving a general overview or covering specific areas such as building custom web pages, SEO, setting up shipping, etc.
Each session is recorded and provided for future reference.

Gold Online Training Session
A 90 minute session is perfect to cover more advanced subjects such as advanced SEO, campaign tracking, newsletters, MarketPlace Manager for listing products on eBay and Amazon, etc.
Each session is recorded and provided for future reference.
Place your order in the Actinic Online store.
After billing, you will receive a phone call to schedule the training session with GoToMeeting.
You coach will set up a GoToMeeting session and you will receive an email notification.
You will then connect to the GoToMeeting session at the scheduled time and attend your online training session with an Actinic Online specialist.
After the session, you can send a message through tech support requesting that a copy of the recorded training session be sent to you for future reference.
Satisfied Customers
Teddy - efamous
I followed the advice given during my training session and my site now shows up in first position in Google. So I wanted to thank the whole Actinic Online team for their quality service and availability.
Thierry - Le chaudron à Jouet
Could you please thank my coach because I really learned a lot with him over these three sessions, and I had a really great time as well. Two thumbs up!
Brigitte - Tendance Mosaic
Thank you for your excellent explanations during my training session which met all my expectations.
Kémy - BellaMaman
First of all, thank you for the training. It's helped me to understand how to use certain features and further optimise my site.
Why have Actinic train me to use the solution?
Each Actinic specialist has a vast understanding of the platform, new features that come out, useful tips and of the internet in general. You'll be guided in right direction for developing your business online.
Additional Services.
Services  Price   
Silver  £ 125.00 Details Buy
Gold  £ 235.00 Details Buy
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