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Product Page

Services : Chrome
£ 145.00
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Product Page
Free Call Back
Give visitors every reason to buy with a detailed, custom product page.
Increase Sales
Provide your customers with clear, detailed information and increase your conversion rate.
Delivery Time 20 Business Days Payment in 3 Instalments
Provide a wealth of information in a well-structured page and encourage your visitors to buy

Chrome Product Page
Delivery Time : 20 Business Days
Integration of social network icons on your product page
Choice of of 2 existing standard graphic elements (shipping, payment) that are added to your site
Silver Product Page
Integration of social network icons on your product page
Creation and integration of 3 custom graphic elements on your product page (contact, payment, shipping)
Gold Product Page
Silver Product Page
Creation of product details section in 4 tab layout for product specifications
Insertion of images and text in tabs
Reusable template integrated into your store
Platinum Product Page
Gold Product Page
Optimisation of display and layout of options and cross-selling/up-selling items
Bespoke customisations based on customer requirements
Place your order in the Actinic store.
After billing, you will receive a project brief through technical support.
Fill out the brief with your specifications and send back to technical support.
The graphic designer in charge of your project will evaluate the brief and if any clarification is needed, a dedicated project manager will contact you for more details.
A design mock-up will be sent through technical support for validation before integration (except for the Chrome Product Page. For this service go directly to step 8).
If you have any comments or changes to make, you can send them by replying to the technical support message at this time.
You will validate the final mock-up through technical support.
The graphic designer will apply the product page template to one product in my site and notify you through technical support.
You can then duplicate the product page template and personalise the descriptions for your other product pages.
Satisfied Customers
Sylvie - Labomascareignes
The Actinic team was really professional, fast and gave me quality advice. They really blew me away.
Optimising our design contributed to our increased conversion rate. We now do more sales with the same amount of traffic.
Why go through Actinic to customise my site?
Our graphic design studio has an extensive knowledge of the Actinic ecommerce platform, meaning your site will make the most of the platform’s functionality.
Why optimise my product page?
The product page is often the last page a prospect will visit before buying. The more complete and reassuring it is, and the more attractive it is, the more it will make them want to add the product to their cart. Optimising your product page will help increase your sales.
What are the differences between the Silver and Gold Product Page?
The Gold version includes additional elements: creation of 4 tabs to describe your products and services more precisely, insertion of product characteristics and images, and creation of a javascript for customizing placement of social network icons.
What are the differences between the Gold and Platinum Product Page?
The Platinum version integrates additional elements: optimisation of the display and layout of product options and cross-selling/up-selling suggestions, possibility for other customisation based on needs (to be defined with the project manager).
Additional Services
Services  Price   
Chrome  £ 145.00 Details Buy
Silver  £ 235.00 Details Buy
Gold  £ 475.00 Details Buy
Platinum  £ 945.00 Details Buy
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