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Home Page

Services : Chrome
£ 235.00
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Home Page
Free Call Back
The home page is your opportunity to make a good first impression and reduce bounce rate.
A home page that reflects your business
Our design studio will create a home page that is visually appealing and user friendly.
Delivery Time 20 Business Days Payment in 3 Instalments
Make a good first impression with a custom home page:

Chrome Home Page
Delivery Time : 20 Business Days
Creation of a custom WebBlock for your home page from your choice of 3 templates
Customisation of colours and ambiance to match site design
Integration of a home page image, text you provide and a product image

Silver Home Page
Creation of a custom WebBlock for your home page
4 featured products
Creation of a 3-image slideshow with crossfade from your existing images

Gold Home Page
Creation of a custom WebBlock for your home page
Advanced slideshow with 3 clickable images and a tab system
8 featured products with image, text and links
4 graphically optimised visuals to highlight product categories
Integration of elements such as secure payment, contact, shipping, etc. to reassure visitors
Custom editorial block
Place your order in the Actinic store.
After billing, you will receive a project brief through technical support.
Fill out the brief with your specifications and send back to technical support.
The graphic designer in charge of your project will evaluate the brief and if any clarification is needed, a dedicated project manager will contact you for more details.
A design mock-up will be sent through technical support for validation before integration (except for the Chrome Home Page. For this service go directly to step 8).
If you have any comments or changes to make, you can send them by replying to the technical support message at this time.
You will validate the final mock-up through technical support.
The graphic designer will integrate the design and notify you through technical support.
You can then activate your new design in 2 clicks whenever you want.
Satisfied Customers
Eric - Mon Italie En Ligne
I went through the Actinic design studio to create my home page, which saved me a lot of time and let me go live much more quickly.
Why go through Actinic to customise my site?
Our graphic design studio has an extensive knowledge of the Actinic ecommerce platform, meaning your site will make the most of the platform’s functionality.
Why should I optimise my home page?
The home page is the first impression you make on a visitor. Will they want to stay and look around or head right back out the door? The more powerful and professional looking your home page is, the more likely they’ll want to come inside and shop. An optimised home page contributes to lowering your bounce rate.
What are the differences between Chrome, Silver and Gold?
All three services offer the same level of quality with the quantity of elements customised varying from one service to the next. The Chrome home page is based off of a standard template with the integration of your elements, while the Silver and Gold home page are further customised with more elements and advanced features.
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Silver  £ 945.00 Details Buy
Gold  £ 1,345.00 Details Buy
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