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Actinic Services
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Site Launch

Services : Silver
£ 545.00
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Site Launch
Free Call Back
Want to go live but don't have the time to finish your site? Actinic can help.
Go live with your e-commerce site
A specialist will help you finish the details and start selling online.
Actinic can help you get your ecommerce website up and running.

Silver Site Launch
A phone meeting is set up to evaluate your needs and the work to be done.
A specialist will complete the details on your site so you are ready to go live: design, menus, home page, SEO, catalogue, secure payment, shipping, etc.
A phone meeting is then set up to discuss the work completed on your site.
Delivery Time 20 Business Days Payment in 3 Instalments
Place your order in the Actinic store.
After billing, you will receive a message through technical support requesting a time and date for a phone meeting to discuss your project.
Your Actinic specialist will complete the various site modifications that were agreed upon by telephone.
When the work is finished, you will receive a phone call from your project manager to discuss the work completed on your site.
You will receive a final report through technical support.
Satisfied Customers
Be the first to leave your testimonial. Send us your remarks through Actinic customer support.
Why have Actinic train me to use the solution?
Each Actinic specialist has a vast understanding of the platform, new features that come out, useful tips and of the internet in general. You'll be guided in right direction for developing your business online.
Additional Services
Services  Price   
Silver  £ 545.00 Details Buy
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