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With our configurator developed by the Actinic team our customers are now free to create a unique bike that meets their technical needs as well as their aesthetic taste.
Max COMMENCAL - Commencal
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Your site is unique, your needs are individual
Our consulting team is here to remove any technical obstacles and help you stand out.
Offer your customers unique services and create an exceptional online shop.
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Build your own bicycle
Commençal, high-end bicycles
The Challenge
To develop a bike configurator that would be able to manage 500 separate parts.
In the world of bicycle enthusiasts, customers want the best material and the option of really being able to customise their bikes. It’s the end of a one size fits all approach.

With our special configurator developed by the Actinic team our customers are now free to create a unique bike that meets their technical needs as well as their aesthetic taste."

Max COMMENCAL - Commençal
Colour chart
Bâtis-Bio, specialist in natural-based paints
The Challenge
To offer a powerful range of colours.
Actinic consultants developed a nuanced colour chart that gives you the choice of refining the colour between 70 different shades…Giving our customers the option of really choosing their own colours means we can give them results that are up to their expectations.

The bonus: It’s possible to virtually create your own pallet which our users really appreciate as they can view the concrete results of the mix of shades and better imagine the results."

Philippe QUENON - Bâtis-Bio
User-friendly options
E-Liquide, the top electronic cigarette site in France
The Challenge
To make choosing products easier for visitors by combining the recharge volume and nicotine amount.
The Actinic consulting experts set up a transparent display system on the product page that allows customers to choose the recharge volume and the nicotine amount for several hundred products.

This technique is an aesthetic and technical success. Our new pages are sharp and have a strong impact which has led to a 27% increase in items added to the shopping cart."

Christel MARY - E-Liquide
Multi-currency display
Premier Equine,a leading brand in the world of equine protection and injury prevention
The Challenge
To create a bespoke multi-currency display.
From pounds to dollars to pesos, online shoppers choose the currency they wish to use and benefit from a perfectly secure transaction and prices calculated in real time according to the current exchange rate.

Displaying prices in the local currency reassures customers and demonstrates the global scale of our brand. After setting up this feature, we noticed an 18% increase in our sales in Chile for example."

Rachel DENT - Premier Equine
The Actinic consulting team Experts in bespoke development
Engineers, web developers, designers…
With the experience of working on several thousand sites our experts study and apply completely bespoke ecommerce features.
Complicated search filters, unique product display, connection to external software, custom dynamic shopping cart, a range of script…
The flexibility of the Actinic solution combined with the expertise of our consulting team means the options are limitless!
Do you have specific development needs?
Now is, more than ever, the time!

Our experts will help you create your bespoke online shop.

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